Gwen Lawrence VibePlate Diary #2
 In this VibePlate Video Diary, Gwen uses the VibePlate to do some yoga chair work. She talks about the suprising benefits she has begin to discover in just a couple of days  on the VibePlate. Specifically, the way a short leg workout had an affect on her overall body. She was suprised in how much she felt her core had been worked out. Also, she discusses how she anticipates whole body vibration [...]
Gwen Lawrence VibePlate Diary #1
Gwen Lawrence is the creator of Power Yoga for Sports and a very respected Yoga instructor to both professional sports franchises and celebrities. She has been featured on the Today Show and has worked with teams like the New York Giants, Knicks, and the Rangers.  She has been using our VibePlate XL and documenting the benefits in a video diary. In this episode, Gwen uses her Vibeplate to do [...]
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